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  Dear Diary:

  When Sam and I broke up, I decided to sell everything. New York makes it easy.

  The woman who bought our kitchen table was from Williamsburg. She appeared to be around my age, late 20s, but I could be wrong. She left in an Uber after I detached the legs for her.

  A friend bought a pair of printed fabric chairs for . She also took some shelves and a plant. Sam never watered the plants anyway. One time I joked that all of our plants had an absent father. It’s the kind of joke that makes me sad now.

  The blue couch went to two girls from Crown Heights. They were younger than me, but not by much. I told them it was comfortable enough to sleep on if you removed the back cushions. Sam’s dad slept on it when he visited from California.

  The bookshelf went to a former co-worker who lives in Manhattan. I kept the books.

  I sold the night stands to Julia, a hometown friend, someone I knew could handle color. They were bright yellow.

  I sold the coffee table to a very demanding woman who contacted me through Craigslist. It was the first time I had ever gotten a cashier’s check.

  A couple bought the curtains. They didn’t need the curtain rod so I left it for the next tenant.

  The red kitchen chairs were Sam’s. They were harder to sell, but someone eventually bought them for . The man who bought them kind of looked like Sam.

  Is it weird that I’m jealous of our furniture? It found a new life so quickly. I worry that it’s going to take me a long time.

  — Sarah Joyce

  Dear Diary:

  I was at the poultry counter at a well-known New York butcher shop in the 1990s.

  Free-range chickens and organic foods were just starting to become widely available, and I had not yet mastered the associated brand names.

  The butcher asked what I wanted.

  “I’ll have the Bell & Howell chicken,” I said.

  “With or without the automatic shutter?” he said without missing a beat.

  — Stephanie Brody-Lederman

  Dear Diary:

  It was summer 1966. I had never been out of the Midwest when I finished college in St. Paul and was accepted to a summer publishing course at Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Mass.

  One night late in the course, I took a bus to New York City as part of my search for a job. I was quite proud of myself for shaking off the boys at Port Authority who offered to carry my bag for a quarter, and even prouder when I hailed a taxi and gave the driver the Upper East Side address where I was to stay with friends of my Radcliffe roommate.

  “I’ve never been to New York before,” I said to the cabby, a tall guy whose head was shaved bald long before the look became popular. “Tell me, where’s Manhattan Island?”

  I remember the city lights glinting off his head as he did the only real-live triple take I have ever seen.

  “Lady,” he said in a deep, gravelly voice, “you’re in it.”

  — Victoria Chapman

  Dear Diary:

  On the Sunday before New Year’s Day, my son and I drove to Macy’s in Herald Square. He needed to buy some clothes to upgrade his wardrobe for a job that started on Jan. 3.

  I saw a spot at a corner along Seventh Avenue. I wasn’t 100 percent sure it was legal and I had to drive around the block to get into it, but I figured it was worth a try.

  I pulled onto the block and approached the corner spot. I noticed a police van parked a few cars back.

  I slowed down and moved toward the corner space, but decided it was no good and signaled that I was pulling back out into traffic.

  Just then, a police officer walked from the van toward a trash can on the corner. He waved for me to back up into the space, guiding me until I was an inch in front of the car parked behind me.

  “I saw you slow down,” he said. “You’re fine.”

  “I’m just over the crosswalk,” I protested.

  “You’re fine,” he repeated.

  “And the pink signs say ‘No parking Sunday’.”

  “You’re fine,” he said again, his voice rising slightly. “Those signs are wrong. It’s just no parking Monday. Happy New Year.”

  — Ira Mayer

  Dear Diary:

  My friend and I went to the Food Emporium on Eighth Avenue and 49th Street to pick up ingredients for a dinner party we were hosting.

  I was ravenous, so I bought a bag of chips as a personal appetizer. I opened them immediately after we checked out.

  A woman near the exit saw me happily munching on the chips. With a big smile, she asked whether she could have one.

  I nodded, pulled a chip out of the bag and put it directly into her waiting mouth.

  — Emily Grandjean

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  Illustrations by Agnes Lee



  六码复式二中二全中【这】【应】【该】【是】【兵】【勇】【们】【最】【后】【的】【意】【力】【箭】【了】,【普】【通】【箭】【支】【对】【高】【峰】【这】【等】【身】【手】【根】【本】【没】【用】。【等】【他】【们】【射】【完】【这】【一】【拨】,【高】【峰】【就】【可】【以】【从】【容】【地】【离】【开】。 【高】【峰】【转】【过】【身】【都】【不】【用】【出】【手】,【直】【接】【施】【展】【意】【力】【控】【制】【意】【力】【箭】,【却】【不】【料】【其】【中】【有】【两】【只】【来】【势】【迅】【猛】,【竟】【让】【他】【这】【个】【意】【教】【气】【生】【凝】【滞】。 【高】【峰】【暗】【叫】【苦】【矣】,【朝】【廷】【高】【手】【终】【于】【赶】【到】。 【一】【般】【的】【意】【力】【箭】,【威】【力】【都】【在】【意】【生】【一】【二】【段】

  【把】【豆】【包】【拜】【托】【给】【江】【极】【北】,【我】【就】【拖】【着】【行】【李】【箱】,【跟】【着】【科】【长】【踏】【上】【了】【飞】【往】【广】【州】【的】【航】【班】。【航】【班】【在】【晚】【上】8【点】【半】【到】【达】【白】【云】【机】【场】,【六】【月】【中】【旬】【天】【气】【炎】【热】【的】【广】【州】【城】,【弥】【漫】【着】【大】【雨】【即】【将】【到】【来】【的】【信】【号】。 【出】【租】【车】【驶】【向】【定】【好】【的】【酒】【店】,【窗】【外】【掠】【过】【发】【光】【的】【小】【蛮】【腰】,【让】【我】【瞬】【间】【想】【起】【了】【两】【年】【前】【我】【和】【吴】【真】【儿】【到】【此】【出】【差】【的】【场】【景】。 【顺】【带】【着】,【想】【起】【了】【在】【我】【记】【忆】【深】【处】【安】

  【因】【为】【离】【得】【近】,【所】【以】【没】【用】【几】【分】【钟】【时】【间】【拐】【了】【几】【条】【街】【就】【走】【到】,【走】【直】【线】【的】【话】,【可】【能】【两】【分】【钟】【就】【差】【不】【多】【能】【到】。 “【不】【错】!” 【看】【着】【前】【方】【那】【栋】【六】【层】【高】,【被】【围】【墙】【包】【裹】【在】【内】,【还】【有】【几】【株】【绿】【树】【环】【绕】【大】【楼】,【上】【杉】【树】【心】【中】【点】【了】【一】【个】【赞】。 【其】【他】【方】【面】【不】【说】,【光】【是】【这】【栋】【大】【楼】【就】【值】【回】【票】【价】【了】,【此】【时】【正】【有】【人】【在】【拆】【除】【一】【些】【名】【字】【和】【标】【志】。 【在】【大】【门】【入】【口】【处】

  【张】【任】【见】【不】【是】【只】【穿】【山】【甲】,【神】【情】【大】【为】【失】【望】。 【陈】【宫】【微】【笑】【不】【语】,【似】【乎】【对】【俞】【涉】【的】【到】【来】【很】【感】【兴】【趣】,【尤】【其】【是】【后】【者】【身】【上】【的】【装】【备】,【可】【真】【是】【特】【立】【独】【行】【的】【很】【呢】…… 【至】【于】【吕】【布】【仍】【旧】【是】【一】【脸】【的】【冷】【漠】,【而】【郝】【萌】【则】【是】【下】【意】【识】【的】【松】【了】【一】【口】【气】,【倒】【是】【童】【渊】【笑】【眯】【眯】【的】【瞧】【着】【司】【马】【睿】【跟】【俞】【涉】,【却】【也】【没】【有】【主】【动】【开】【口】【询】【问】【这】【其】【中】【的】【怪】【异】【之】【处】。 【场】【中】【几】【人】【神】【态】【各】

  【近】【日】【长】【安】【城】【热】【闹】【的】【很】,【不】【断】【有】【各】【国】【的】【使】【节】,【应】【大】【唐】【的】【邀】【请】【来】【到】【长】【安】,【参】【与】【李】【世】【民】【的】‘【天】【可】【汗】’【加】【冕】【仪】【式】。【其】【实】【早】【在】【前】【年】,【李】【世】【民】【就】【试】【图】【搞】【过】【一】【次】,【但】【当】【时】【响】【应】【者】【寥】【寥】。【究】【其】【原】【因】,【还】【是】【实】【力】【说】【话】。 【前】【年】【的】【大】【唐】,【连】【便】【桥】【之】【盟】【的】【仇】【都】【没】【报】,【谁】【会】【尊】【一】【个】【失】【败】【者】【做】‘【天】【可】【汗】’?【但】【如】【今】【的】【大】【唐】,【灭】【东】【突】【厥】,【和】【西】【突】【厥】,【扫】六码复式二中二全中【从】【大】【帐】【里】【逃】【出】【来】,**【逛】【了】【几】【圈】,【却】【没】【有】【发】【现】【任】【何】【幽】【幽】【子】【的】【踪】【迹】,【难】【道】【不】【在】**? 【仗】【着】【自】【己】【人】【气】【高】,【问】【了】【好】【几】【个】【忍】【者】【才】【得】【知】,【木】【叶】【最】【近】【在】【后】【方】【拦】【截】【砂】【隐】【的】【后】【勤】【补】【给】,【风】【影】【已】【经】【派】【了】【好】【几】【队】【暗】【部】【过】【去】【解】【除】【威】【胁】。 【无】【奈】【之】【下】【只】【好】【回】【到】【千】【代】【婆】【婆】【一】【家】【帐】【篷】【里】,【蝎】【一】【家】【三】【口】【非】【常】【欢】【迎】,【除】【了】【千】【代】【婆】【婆】【念】【叨】【着】【为】【何】【不】【住】【到】【医】

  【第】【二】【一】【六】【章】:***【内】【解】【诗】【谈】【情】;【荣】【禧】【堂】【后】【就】【事】【论】【事】(【二】) 【怡】【红】【院】【看】【了】【一】【回】,【即】【便】【香】【菱】【带】【人】【打】【扫】【的】【很】【好】,【宝】【玉】【却】【也】【不】【能】【歇】【着】。【劝】【香】【菱】【歪】【着】【一】【会】【儿】,【便】【往】【前】【面】【去】。【不】【想】【才】【出】【园】【子】,【见】【两】【个】【婆】【子】【慌】【慌】【张】【张】【迎】【上】【来】,“【可】【是】【巧】【了】!【宝】【二】【爷】,【前】【面】【来】【了】【几】【个】【太】【监】,【不】【是】【为】【老】【太】【太】【的】【事】【来】【的】。【说】【是】【宝】【二】【爷】【的】【什】【么】【事】【情】【准】【了】。”【宝】

  【序】【言】:【我】【不】【是】【贪】【恋】【你】【现】【在】【说】【的】【我】【爱】【你】,【我】【只】【是】【吝】【啬】【的】【想】【永】【远】【听】【到】【你】【说】【的】【这】【句】【话】【而】【已】。 ---- 【订】【婚】【仪】【式】【简】【单】【的】【宣】【告】【了】【浪】【漫】,【便】【潦】【草】【的】【结】【束】【了】。 【当】【两】【个】【人】【还】【沉】【浸】【在】【甜】【蜜】【里】【的】【时】【候】,【许】【父】【很】【快】【便】【打】【破】【了】【他】【们】【的】【憧】【憬】。【任】【华】【马】【上】【便】【接】【到】【了】【科】【蓝】【集】【团】【正】【式】【发】【出】【的】【洽】【谈】【邀】【请】,【他】【的】【出】【乎】【意】【料】【揭】【示】【了】【此】【次】【洽】【谈】【的】【急】【切】,【当】

  【青】【宁】【走】【后】,【董】【贵】【妃】【左】【手】【撑】【着】【脑】【袋】,【右】【手】【在】【桌】【子】【上】【轻】【敲】,【颦】【眉】【思】【索】【着】。【肩】【膀】【上】【的】【酸】【软】【却】【一】【抽】【一】【抽】【的】【疼】。 “【腊】【月】,【你】【说】【韩】【青】【宁】【刚】【刚】【说】【她】【会】【去】【退】【婚】,【你】【觉】【得】【是】【真】【的】【么】?” 【腊】【月】,【也】【就】【是】【刚】【刚】【那】【个】【下】【跪】【的】【宫】【女】,【手】【中】【给】【董】【贵】【妃】【扇】【着】【扇】【子】,【恭】【敬】【温】【顺】【的】【说】【道】:“【娘】【娘】,【奴】【婢】【觉】【得】【是】【真】【的】。” “【哦】?【为】【何】?” 【腊】【月】【回】

  【一】【段】【话】【落】。 **【没】【说】【话】,【于】【妮】【也】【沉】【默】【着】。 【冰】【冷】【的】【空】【气】【中】,【蔓】【延】【着】【沉】【默】【的】【气】【息】,【细】【听】【只】【有】【屋】【内】【这】【几】【人】【的】【呼】【吸】【声】。 【顾】【昀】【想】【到】【高】【考】【前】【那】【会】【儿】,【忍】【不】【住】【又】【开】【始】【倾】【吐】【自】【己】【对】【她】【的】【情】【感】,【那】【份】【不】【知】【何】【时】【而】【心】【生】【欢】【喜】【的】【情】【意】。 【他】【不】【是】【话】【多】【的】【人】,【这】【还】【是】【生】【平】【第】【一】【次】,【顾】【昀】【没】【办】【法】【控】【制】【自】【己】【说】【了】【很】【多】【很】【多】【话】,【可】【是】【怎】【么】【样】